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Hidden Therapies Ukryte terapie

Jerzy Zięba

Hidden Therapies Ukryte terapie
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Product info / Cechy produktu
Rodzaj (nośnik) / Item type książka / book
Dział / Department Książki i czasopisma / Books and periodicals
Autor / Author Jerzy Zięba
Tytuł / Title Hidden Therapies Ukryte terapie
Język / Language angielski
Wydawca / Publisher Egida Halina Kostka
Rok wydania / Year published 2019
Rodzaj oprawy / Cover type Miękka
Wymiary / Size 14.5x20.5 cm
Liczba stron / Pages 342
Ciężar / Weight 0.4220 kg
ISBN 9788394078355 (9788394078355)
EAN/UPC 9788394078355
Stan produktu / Condition nowy / new - sprzedajemy wyłącznie nowe nieużywane produkty
George Zieba over 20 years he has Naturoterapia, particularly with regard to natural methods of treatment and prevention of chronic diseases cancer. Hidden Book Therapies was founded after many years of medical research studies or other publications, which, even in a medical environment is quite unknown. Author publishes articles in the press, as well as lectures on simple and effective methods of treatment and prevention of disease without the use of artificially synthesized. She is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist in Australia and the US. There is also a translator of the book “Cholesterol – Scientific lie”, written by Dr.. Uffe Ravnskov….thanks to the exceptional talent “searchlight” Author get well-documented position, rich in essential, and carefully omitted results. The narrative is not based on assumptions, unverified reports or wishful thinking. In a sense, is the fruit of research work carried out and collected in different parts of the world, given reader in such a way, that reading is intriguing from the first to the last page”.

The application of the knowledge in this book can both prevent and heal diseases. It's fascinating reading, not only because of its content. but also on account of the way in which it is written. Dr. Rafał Baron

I thank the author for this interesting and extremely valuable book. I am sure it will serve as a valuable source of crucial information for both patients and doctors. Dr. Antoni Krasicki

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